Celebrate Earth Week with Savings on Certified Refurbished [UK]

Early Day is held annually on 22nd April in order to raise awareness for environmental protection and climate change. To sell more stuff raise awareness of our need to reuse and recycle Amazon is discounting some items from their Certified Refurbished store.

Certified Refurbished products have been brought back to “as-new” status and come with a full one year warranty. It can save you a great deal of money to shop refurbished, especially if you don’t mind waiting a few months after the product’s initial release. Today you can save yourself even more with Amazon’s Certified Refurbished deals.

If you are interested in iMacs then you have probably noticed that they can be staggeringly expensive. What you may have also noticed though is that they age very well. As Apple furnishes their computers with top specification hardware, they usually outlive many Windows PCs. Although this model is from early 2008, it is relatively simple to upgrade the RAM and hard drive if you are so inclined. It was already very reasonably priced, and with today’s deal it is cheaper than some Chromebooks.

Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant was the main star of this year’s CES – with product integrations in every device you can imagine. The product that started it all – and arguably created a market – is the Echo. Use your voice to play music, control your smart home, and a great deal more with Alexa’s Skills.

With many manufacturers opting out of the Android tablet market, the once ubiquitous devices are now almost a rarity. With 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth, and 16GB of internal storage the Android Lollipop device would be a perfect companion for Netflix binges. If you want to bring it a bit more update to date then you could always consider installing a Custom ROM.

If like me, your perception of a desktop PC is a hulking tower PC with loud fans and cables everywhere then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this Windows 10 Mini PC. It’s small form factor means that it takes up no more space than your router! The device packs in 4GB of RAM, 1.6GHz AMD CPU, and a 320GB hard drive running Windows 10 Home, along with HDMI output.

Garmin were one of the originators of wearable activity trackers, and they have continued to focus on sports-lovers ever since. The Forerunner 620 has built-in GPS for tracking your runs, and also offers a recovery advisor, race predictor, and VO2 max estimates to help you improve your race times.

If you like the idea of Microsoft’s Surface tablet/laptop but aren’t so keen on the price, then you’ll be hooked on the Miix 300 from Lenovo. The Miix 300 runs Windows 10, features Intel’s Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. If portability if your goal – the device only weighs 0.62kg.

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